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9 Tips for Shopping in Dubai No One Told You About

Living in Dubai can be expensive, especially if you are a shopaholic : Now there are a lot of tips and tricks people might provide you with - some of them are superficial while the others might not even be helpful. And when it comes to Shopping in Dubai you to need to know some tips to make the most of your shopping experience and save money in the process as well

From how to save, how to shop, where to shop… this post will provide you with all the things you could (and ideally should) practice, while in shopping in Dubai.

9 Tips for Shopping in Dubai you MUST know:

Shopping in Dubai

1. Check Reviews

Yes, even for the goods you are going to buy from physical, brick and mortar stores! This is very helpful for buying the correct product. One thing you must always do before you go shopping in Dubai, is checking the reviews of the products online.

Checking reviews helps you to better understand the product before you buy it- this means that after reading a review you may get a rough idea whether or not the product offers everything you are looking for and does it fulfill all the criteria you have in mind for the product, buying it only after that will not only save money but also time.

Moreover, it will also help you guard against the sales person trying to sell to something you don’t want or doesn’t fulfill your requirement. Also often times the sales guys will try to pitch expensive options over the cost-effective ones. So you can guard against the same.

Check Reviews

2. Beware of ‘special’ offers while Shopping in Dubai

Many people have a set notion that they ‘HAVE TO SHOP’ if there is a ‘special offer’ or ‘sale’ going on. Chances are the ‘special offer’ was created to lure customers into buying products and create an artificial need for the product. More often than not these ‘special offers’ are nothing but marketing strategies to increase sale. This is why the next point is important...

3. Do not Impulse buy

Once you feel like you need to buy a product and it is necessary, do not go out immediately and buy the product, give it some time. In this time you can check for reviews and read up about the product online. Even after that if you really feel like your need for that product is not irrational and you are not falling prey to some marketing strategy; only then go ahead with the purchase.

Do not Impulse buy

4. Buy store-brand or local-brand items

You will encounter a number of store-brand or local-brands while Shopping in Dubai. The quality of the store brand / local brand items is equally good if not better than the higher priced branded items. The branded items are very expensive as compared to the store brand items and you can save a whole lot on shopping from the local brands.

Buy store-brand or local-brand items

5. Shop for Gold carefully

Dubai is famous for its huge gold market - it’s one of the biggest in the world. If you are keen on buying gold, you should visit Dubai Gold Souk. Take a look at all the products and choose which one you like carefully. Ensure you are getting the quality and carats of gold as promised. You can save money here, by bargaining with the shop owner.

Shop for Gold carefully

6. Places for Shopping in Dubai for Electronics

Electronics in Dubai is significantly cheaper than a lot of places in the world. If you are looking forward to shopping in Dubai for electronics, you should wait for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX). As a local you might be aware of it as well. It’s a week-long annual EXPO held in Dubai. It attracts some of the biggest names in tech industry. You have a very high chance of buying what you want to at really great prices. During the other time of the year, you can buy your electronics from Al-Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai or Explore the online option (more about this in a bit).

Places for Shopping in Dubai for Electronics

7. The Best Time of the Day to shop

All the shops in Dubai open at 10 A.M. Ideally you should start to shop immediately after that since the crowd in the shops are less and you get full attention of the shop owner. Plus you can bargain for a good deal when shopping in Dubai early in the day.

Having said that, at times even the evening time can be a good time because the weather is much cooler.

So it’s comfort V/s a chance to get a better deal, really!

8. The best time of the year to shop

Shopping in Dubai is incomplete without mentioning the amazing Dubai festivals. As you would know, this is also one of the most optimum time for shopping in Dubai.

Firstly, Dubai Shopping Festival which runs at the start of every year for a month is all about grabbing amazing deals and then the Dubai Summer Surprises, which focuses on family, fun and shopping. These are the two main festivals at different times of the year.

9. Consider online shopping

Shopping in Dubai can be expensive not only monetarily but it might also take up most of your time. Sometimes you might end up not having the time to go to an Expo or festival to grab a deal. At other times you might want something right away, and don’t want to wait for the expos and the fests. So what do you do then?

If you are a person who never has time or wants to shop right away, at the same time want to save more… I’ve got 2 word for you - Online Shopping!

Consider online shopping Online shopping not only provides you with the same amazing deals you might get shopping in Dubai physically, but also delivers those products to your doorstep. We at Beyonder.co offer 100% original products and cover a wide range of product categories right from Home appliances to perfumes, electronics and gadgets to toys, chocolates and food items to nutrition products, fashion accessories to travel products to premium writing instruments.

We have great offers and discounts going on quite often and our prices are lower than a lot of other places. We also deliver your products at your doorstep and have convenient payment options, including cash-on-delivery.

So save yourself some time, energy and all the efforts for bargaining to get the best price. Stop waiting for expos and fests - Shop Now at Beyonder and enjoy great deals and lower prices across products, 24 hours a day; 365 days a year.


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